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The following terms and conditions are applicable to all customers who make a booking with Dr. Tint:

• Dr. Tint will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards any of its staff under any circumstances and will take the relevant actions should any such behaviours be encountered.

• Service time quoted during booking is an approximate indication only and actual time taken to service might differ depending on the specific requirements of the vehicle.

• All valuables need to be removed for the vehicle prior to vehicle drop off for any service. Dr. Tint does not bear any liability for lost property and any such claim will not be entertained.

• All vehicles are required to be washed and cleaned prior to the servicing.

• All orders, including telephone orders, require address, customer availability

• and vehicle condition verification prior to a booking agreement.

• Service requests are not guaranteed at timeof booking and may becancelled at anytime at the sole discretion of Dr. Tint.

• Any requests of additional work beyond the booking agreement would incur additional hourly charges of $60/hour and will rely solely on the discretion of the technician.

• We have a minimum call-out charge that varies by location.

• A minimum 20% surcharge will be applied to all jobs that involve excessive dirt, pet hair, lint or any other hazardous materials.

• Prices do not include the removal of old film. Prices for film removal start from $20/window and are based on the condition of the vehicle and the glass. These costs would be discussed prior to your service commencing.

• Some vehicles may require services beyond those you ordered. Refusing these recommended services may invalidate the service guarantee.

• All window tint installations come with a limited lifetime warranty. Your tint warranty is provided directly by the film manufacturer.Dr. Tint does not warranty against product defects.

• Insituations where information is withheld regarding prior tinting job on a vehicle, Dr Tint will not be responsible for the perfection of the job because of glue from previous tint film.

• Window tints require 72 hours for curing of adhesive.Dr. Tint is not liable for any wind damage to film incurred within the 72-hour period.

• If there is evidence of unsatisfactory installation such as water bubbles, peeling of installed material, or major dust particles, our technician will redo the service free of charge to customers satisfaction. However, minor dust particles are part of tinting process and Dr. Tint will owe no responsibility in those scenarios.

• Customer is responsible for checking quality of all work performed and entire vehicle during handover, any claim made afterwards would not be entertained by Dr. Tint.

• We would not be held liable for any vehicular damage incurred while Dr. Tint is picking or dropping off the vehicle on customer’s request.

• Some films used by Dr. Tint would have brand name or logo inscribed on it. Care is taken to avoid those, but if any such marking if visible after finishing and the customer wants it removed, all expenses of removal or re-do work would be incurred by the customer.

• If a refund is required, it will only entail our service charge, any cost associated with product used during service is not refundable.

• If you realize at any time after 72 hours that your window film is peeling off from any window. Please click a picture or a video and send us an email on dr.tint@yahoo.com or whatsapp on 0204600047 at your earliest convenience.

• Occasionally during the wrapping process, the vehicles’ body paint comes off, this is primarily due to inferior paint quality used by the vehicle manufacturer and is not a result of the wrapping process itself. Dr. Tint bears no responsibility in these scenarios.

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