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Plastic Dip service
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Plastic Dip is an special cutting edge elastic covering that is connected to a wheel by either showering or brushing. With eye-getting colours, we can paint your vehicle into gloss and matte colours , giving it another look while ensuring it against moisture, scraped area and UV beams.

Its particular kind methods it can without much of a stretch be connected and expelled when you need to change hues or return to your unique completion. You can likewise apply it to your actual vehicle parts making it simple to alter and change the manner in which your vehicle looks.

Dissimilar to a paint work, Plastic Dip can undoubtedly be evacuated without making mischief or harm the vehicle's real paintwork making it extraordinary for brief use, business publicizing or occasions.

Plastic Dip is that it isn't just constrained to vehicles. The "do it without anyone else's help" extend we offer at Unique Tints implies you can apply it to pretty much anything including your apparatuses and cultivating frill, giving them that insurance and agreeable controlled hold.

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