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Car window tinting service

Dr. Tint is one of the leading car window tinting service provider in Hamilton and Rotorua. We offer the best price to our customers and maintain a service guarantee. Our tinting service increases the driver’s safety and passenger’s comfort. Dr. Tint is the trusted window tinting service company across Hamilton and Rotorua.

We specialise in Car & Home Window Tinting

Car window tintting hamilton rotorua

Vehicle Tinting

Vehicle Tinting is a thin laminated film that is installed on the exterior of the metal and other surfaces in automobiles

Vehicle wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping is a practice of covering a vehicle with a wrap of a differing finish like a gloss, matte or clear protective layer

Home and office window tinting

Home & office window Tinting

Tint your Home & office window to reduce heat loss, reduce glare or protect furnishings from fading, privacy & more

Home and office window tinting service

Dr. Tint is your first and only choice for superior home and office window tinting service in Hamilton and Rotorua. We specialize in home and office window tinting services. Our residential and office window tinting service in Hamilton and Rotorua will not only increase your privacy and comfort but also moderate the inside temperature.

Who is Dr. Tint?

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We aspire to improve your car and home aesthetics by adding a touch of designer tint.

By using top quality film, vinyl and plastic dip and paint, our work has set high standards. We aim for perfection and are willing to go the extra mile by providing mobile, flexible and convenient services which are tailored according to our clients needs. Our dedication towards achieving perfection in all our services results in 100% customer satisfaction.

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We provide you the really efficient and cost effective service with the best quality material available. The quality of our work speak by itself. Our team is well trained and know how to do excellent job and our clients are highly satisfied with our work.

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